tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2019

Four Dog Shows, four Best of Breeds

June & July 2019 = 4 shows & 4 BOB!!!

What a summer! (till now, at least) Team Finsweng has not been represented in so many dog shows, but it has been going from success to success. Even if it hasn't been many shows, I haven't been able to keep up in pace updating this blog, and I'm sorry for this. Facebook is well up-to-date and I'll tell about our great month of May later, but now to the amazing row of  our four shows we did during June and July 2019. I'm thrilled!

Four shows, four different dogs, four BOB's. First three shows where won by Finsweng Australian terriers and the forth Best-of-Breed is our Danish Princess, Trixie, who made her debut in Finland with style. In three of the shows we also showed Breeder Group and won 3x BOB and two BIS-placements. All details below. Thank you so much all involved! You make me happy and proud.

8.6.2019 Pieksämäki GDS (9 Aussies)
BIG-3 in the strong terrier group: Finsweng Viiksivallu. Photo: Ida Turunen
Hot day, hot results. Among the nine Australian terriers just Finsweng's got CQ's. So the BM and BB-placements of the show were these:
BOB & Best-in-Group-3: Ch Finsweng Viiksivallu aka "Vallu"
BOS: Ch Finsweng Tadaa aka "Naatti"
BB-2: Ch Finsweng Vadelmiina aka "Vattu"
BB-3 & BOB-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen aka "Donna"
BOB-breeder & Best-in-Show-2-Breeder: Knl Finsweng

15.6.2019 Heinävesi GDS (10 Aussies)
Best of Breed: Ch Finsweng Tadaa aka Naatti, and Ida
Another hot day, and again hot results. My daughter Ida showed Naatti to BOB and Donna to BOB-veteran. In the end of the day Team Finsweng was chosen (from a great amount of groups) to BIS-3-breeder! Here the results of the four finswengs shown this day:
BOB: Ch Finsweng Tadaa aka "Naatti"
BB-2: Ch Finsweng Vadelmiina aka "Vattu"
BB-3 & BOB-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen aka "Donna"
BM-4: Ch Finsweng Täystuho aka "Piko"
BOB-breeder & Best-In-Show-3-Breeder: Knl Finsweng

13.7.2019 Mikkeli NDS (18 Aussies)
Our "Granny", 11,5-year-old Donna won double-BOB! Handled by Ida.
After a four weeks break our team headed to Mikkeli all breed, one day show. Our Queen of the pack, 11,5-year-old Donna (C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen) danced in the ring and won both Best-of-Breed and BOB-veteran! Ida showed her and they are so beautiful to watch. All our results was, again, also beautiful, here:
BOB & BOB-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen aka "Donna"
BB-4: Ch Finsweng Vadelmiina aka "Vattu"
BM-3: Ch Finsweng Viiksivallu aka "Vallu"
CH EXC4: Ch Finsweng Täystuho
BOS-puppy: Finsweng Xpertti
BOB-breeder: Knl Finsweng

21.7.2019 Hyvinkää NDS (12 Aussies)

What a debut in the Finnish show rings!!! Our Danish Princess, 17-months-old Trixie (Kisamba's Bonnie Blue Girl) started her shows with Grand Style by winning BOB and CAC! She has been shown just once before, in Estonia, and was also in that show the best bitch and won Estonian CAC. This lively, happy go lucky girl is our beloved pet, but seems to make also judges to love her. Let's see what the future will bring... In this show Pertti won BOB-puppy, Vallu won the strong Champion class and ended BM-2 (the top winning veteran male was best male) and our Donna was too tired of the +30 C, and was VET EXC2. In this show we just showed these mentioned four dogs, no groups.
Trixie training. Photo taken a good week before the show.

sunnuntai 28. heinäkuuta 2019

Team Finsweng's top moments from April 2019

In April 2019 Team Finsweng was represented at two dog show weekends: in the middle of April at the two national dog shows held in Riga, Latvia, and in the end of the month in Narva, Estonia, where one international dog show and one national dog show took place. Here some photos and results from these four all breed dog shows.

Ch Finsweng Täystuho, BIG-3 at the Riga NDS 21.4.2019
Piko (Ch Finsweng Täystuho) BIG-3 at Riga NDS 21.4.2019
Ch Finsweng Täystuho aka Piko was shown at the both NDS's in the capital of  Latvia and he did well! He won CAC and thus became also Latvian Show Champion (LT CH). On Sunday the 21st of April he was also chosen to the 3rd best terrier, Best-In-Group-3 (BIG-3), in the strong terrier group. Piko is cared, groomed and shown by his owner Taina. Well done both of you!

Finsweng BIS-4-breeder and Donna BIS-1-veteran
The weekend of 27th and 28th of April Team Finsweng was represented at the big Narva shows. On Saturday the 27th an International all breed Dog Show was held in this eastern Estonian city, and on Sunday the 28th a all breed National dog show was taken place. Team Finsweng was represented by three Aussies each day and the results were amazing!

Saturday 27.4.2019, Narva IDS:
BIS-4-breeder: kennel Finsweng
Finsweng Viiksivallu: BOS, CAC & CACIB
Ch Finsweng Tadaa: BB-2, CACIB (her 12th CACIB!)
Our 11-year-old Grand old Lady, C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen was just warming up for Sunday and got EXC and was 2nd best veteran bitch.

Ida was showing Donna, and this beautiful couple danced all the way to the biggest trophy.

Sunday 28.4.2019, Narva NDS:
Best-In-Show-1-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen
Finsweng Viiksivallu: BOB, CAC
Kisamba's Bonnie Blue Girl: BOS, CAC

Donna, our dear Granny, was really rocking this Sunday. In the big ring she really danced, and was chosen from the huge veteran group to best in show! 

In the breed ring our almost 2-year-old male Vallu (Finsweng Viiksivallu) was BOB. Our "Danish Princess" Trixie (Kisamba's Bonnie Blue Girl) made her debut in the show rings at the age of 15 months by winning BOS and CAC. Trixie moved to our family from Denmark in the end of February. In the photo below she is wagging her tail, as always. She is such a happy dog!

Narva NDS 28.4.2019, Australian terrier BOB & BOS. Photo by Heini Emilia Reis
Nice trophy and rosette! 

sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2019

Now Finsweng Xpertti has his own page

Our dear 3,5 month old boy Pertti Antero (Finsweng Xpertti) has now also a blog page of his own! Please check here if you are interested to see more pics of him and know more about him.
3,5 months old Finsweng Xpertti enjoying outdoors. Photo: Ida

sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2019

Top Aussie Competition 2018

I'm so happy and proud to present Team Finsweng's great results in the Top Aussie Competition 2018 (by Finnish ATC). Link to all results in all the different categories you find here 
Top #4 Aussie Breeder  2018 in Finland: knl Finsweng. 

Over 80 Australian terriers were entered to the competition, but in fact, much more Aussies were entered to the Finnish dog shows during year 2018, but didn't gain placements so they couldn't enter to the Top Aussie Competition.

In the Top Aussie Breeder Competition 2018 our Team Finsweng did great: Finsweng is TOP #4 Breeder! Our local kennel club ranked us as Number One! In the All-Breed-Competition by the Finnish Kennel Club we were ranked as TOP # 68 Breeder, among the appr. 13.000 breeders in Finland. Here you find all the results.  Thank you each and everyone who have in one or other way been part of these fantastic results! 

In the TOP AUSSIE 2018 Competition finswengs gained following placements:

Naatti : TOP # 13. C.I.B* Finsweng Tadaa (*waits for confirmation)
Vallu : TOP # 21. LT JCh RIGAW-18 Finsweng Viiksivallu
Donna : TOP # 36. C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen
Tomu : TOP # 45 . CH Finsweng Trallalaa
Vattu : TOP # 78 . Finsweng Vadelmiina

In the TOP JUNIOR 2018 Competition Vallu was placed as # 4 (among 23 juniors) and 
in TOP VETERAN 2018 Competition Donna was places as # 7 (among 18 veterans).

perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2019

How can it be so difficult to photograph puppies?

I admire breeders who publish photos of their litters starting when the pups are around 5 weeks old. The pups looks like they are born to pose. But not in our household ...  we might get one or two pics like this:
Blue boy at the age of 5,5 weeks. Finsweng X or Y litter. Photo by Pasi

Blue boy at the age of 5,5 weeks. I love his face! Photo by Pasi

.. but most photos are like this (or even worse...) :
One of the red boys ... age 5,5 weeks and he seems to be hungry all the time, so treats make this...
The red girl in Finsweng X or Y litter didn't want to cooperate.
Training of the blue boy.

Even if they move nicely and stand nicely when moving around in our living room / garden, the most pups don't pose nicely on the table. And even if my family know how to photograph, it seems that photographing puppies is too hard for us :D  We'll continue training! And photographing and laughing! Here more info about this Finsweng X or Y pups

tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Oikein rempseää ja onnekasta Uutta Vuotta 2019!
Ch Finsweng Tadaa in the end of October 2018. Funny girl!
Happy New Year 2019 to all our friends from us at Finsweng AusTer Team

maanantai 10. joulukuuta 2018

New Show Champions and other great wins

The autumn 2018's shows of our Finsweng  team were concentrated to two weekend's in November and the old saying "Not quantity but quality" came true. As a result we have one new C.I.B (International Champion), one new Estonian Show Champion, two Riga Winner titles (RIGAW-18) and one successful show debute. Here below the results in chronological order:

BOB pyppy Finsweng Welho aka Pasi at left hand side.
Finsweng Welho aka Pasi is a handsome puppy boy from our April 2018 litter. He made his show debute at the age of 7 months at Jyväskylä IDS the 11th of November winning BOB puppy. I'm super excited about this your boy, and the work his owner Lotta is doing with him. This is her first Aussie and show dog, and still, she is grooming and training Pasi herself! Amazing! I'm so proud and happy.

Meanwhile in Riga, Latvia, and the Riga Winner 2018 International Dog Show:
BOB, CACIB, CAC, RIGAW-18: Finsweng Viiksivallu aka Vallu
BOS, CACIB => C.I.B*, CAC => LV CH & BALT CH, RIGAW-18: Finsweng Tadaa aka Naatti.

Finsweng Viiksivallu, our new CACIB winner was BOB at Riga IDS 11.11.2018
Naatti is my third own-bred C.I.B / International Show Champion. *Her title waits now for the official confirmation from FCI. Vallu started his way to C.I.B in Riga at the age of 17 months by winning BOB, LV CAC and gaining also a title: RIGAW-18. He has had such an amazing year by winning so much, for ex. five Finnish CAC from just nine shows and winning Lithuanian Junior Championship and now starting Intermediate class in style.

Two weeks later, at the Narva two NDS's, Estonia, our handsome Finsweng Täystuho aka Piko won BOB both on Saturday and Sunday! Since he won BOS and CAC (and also CACIB) at Narva IDS in March, he now Estonian Show Champion!
Finsweng Täystuho our new EE Ch and also CACIB winner.
You can just imagine how happy and proud I am of our Finsweng team! You my friends are pure gold when showing your finswengs in such great condition and with such a happy attitude. Thank you <3

keskiviikko 5. joulukuuta 2018

We have puppies!

Early in the morning of Tuesday the 4th of December, 2018, our dear Valma (C.I.B Finsweng Silirimpsis) gave birth to the newest finswengs. Please read here more of this exciting litter, my first double-mating!

Finsweng X and/or Y-pups as new born.

keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2018

Finsweng veterans

As usual, in the end of the year, among fresh news, also listings of the year's achievements are done. Team Finsweng has had an amazing year and I, as the breeder, am very happy and grateful. Many finswengs have won CAC and CACIB, we have got some new Champions, our Breeder's Group have many times been placed in the BIS-Breeder-competition, but our Golden Oldies have also done great, at home but also in the show rings!
10,5 year old Donna (C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen) at Mikkeli IDS July 2018
For instance, our soon 11-year-old Donna, or officially C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen is still dancing, or in fact, rocking. She was entered in seven shows during 2018. Besides one BOB and many BB-placements she was three times BOB-veteran and three times BOS-veteran. She was always classed as as Certificate Class (which is the highest individual valuation a dog can get in its individual evaluation). In Pieksämäki show she was BIS-3-veteran and in Mikkeli IDS she was shortlisted among 6 best veterans.
Finsweng Onnenpoika, aka Luka, won BIS-4-veteran in Puumala 26.5.2018
Donna's son Luka, officially Finsweng Onnenpoika (and father to my V-litter ) won his mother at Puumala show the 26.May, 2018, and won BIS-4-veteran. This was his only show in 2018.

Both mentioned veterans have been part of my Breeder's Groups which have been highly appreciated at many shows; seven BOB, twice BIS-1, twice BIS-3 and twice BIS-4. 

As you can understand, as a dog owner and breeder I'm so happy to live with such healthy and long-living breed. Oldies are golden, also as pets.

tiistai 6. marraskuuta 2018

We are expecting!

If everything goes as planned the next small finswengs will be born in the beginning of December.

The ultra sound checked told us that at least 5 pups are to expect.
We are so excited! More information from here 

keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2018

Five Finswengs won FI CAC - viisi finswengiläistä sertivoittajaa

In English, pls scroll down a bit!
Alkuvuosi 2018 on ollut meidän Finswengin poppoolle kerrassaan upea ja menestyksekäs! Erittäin vauhdikkaan (sekä työ että tämä harrastus) kesän jälkeen olen lähes pari kuukautta ns. vetänyt henkeä, mutta nyt on aika uudelleen iloita kevään ja kesän monista hienoista tuloksista ja ylpeänä listata niitä tänne blogiinkin ja näin lopettaa "uutissulku" jota tätä blogiani on pahasti vaivannut.

Olen onnellinen kun niin moni finswengi on tänä vuonna käynyt näyttelykehissä niin Suomessa kuin ulkomaillakin. Ja tulosta on tullut, myös sitä ns. leveällä rintamalla. Tämä koskee myös kasvattajaluokkiani joita on esitetty monia ja monella kombolla. Näistä lisää toisessa, tulevassa postauksessa. Nyt haluan ylpeänä esitellä ne viisi finswengiä jotka kevään ja kesän 2018 aikana ovat voittaneet Suomen tiukissa mittelöissä sertifikaatin. Esittelyjärjestys on kronolooginen, eli siinä järjestyksessä missä (ensimmäinen) sertifikaatti on voitettu. Viimeisempänä muttei vähäpätöisempänä Australian tuontiuroksemme joka on myös pokannut parit sertit tänä suvena.

In English: So far year 2018 has been excellent for Team Finsweng. After a very hectic summer, both in work and in this my dear hobby, I've been in a "off status" for almost two months, but now it it time to start to re-enjoy Team Finsweng's wonderful achievements during spring and summer of 2018. I'll start by proudly listing the five Finsweng Aussies that have won a Finnish Certificate. Here they are, in the order of winning this FI CAC:

Puumala 26.5.2018 Vallu won BIG-2 and here shows his tongue to the photographer!
Vallu eli LT JCh Finsweng Viiksivallu voitti kymmenkuisena junioripoikana heti ensimmäisessä näyttelyssään 30.3.3018 urokset ja sertin. Ja pitkin kevättä ja kesää näitä kertyi yhdeksästä näyttelystä viisi kappaletta, näin. Our junior boy Vallu won five Finnish CAC and one res-CAC from just 9 shows
His CAC'shows are:
30.3.2018 Imatra: JUN EXC 1, BOS, CAC. Judge: Tuula Savolainen, 11 entries.
26.5.2018 Puumala: JUN EXC 1, BOB, CAC, BIG-2. Judge: Kirsi Sainio, 7 aussies.  All final results from Puumala (Finsweng Aussies won also BIS-1-Breeder and BIS-4-veteran)
9.6.2018 Pieksämäki: JUN EXC 1, BM-2, CAC  Judge: Anne Klaas, 16 aussies. All final results from Pieksämäki (check BIS-breeders and BIS-veterans)
7.7.2018 Juva: JUN EXC 1, BM-2, CAC. Judge: Juta Haranen, 8 aussies.
19.8.2018 Heinola: JUN EXC 1, BOS, CAC. Judge: Päivi Eerola, 7 aussies.

Juva 7.7.2018 Naatti was BOS. She won also several BOB during 2018.
Naatti eli Ch Finsweng Tadaa voitti valioitumiseen tarvittavan ns. viimeisen sertin heti ensimmäisellä yrittämällä 2 vuoden ja 9 päivän iässä. Tämä tapahtui Imatralla 30.3.2018 eli samassa näyttelyssä missä Vallu voitti ensimmäisen sertinsä. Naatilla on ollut mahtava näyttelyvuosi, täältä koko komeus: Naatti Koiranetissä  
Our lovely Naatti won the last required CAC as soon as it was possible, right after her 2nd birthday, at the same show as Vallu won his first CAC. She has had a lovely year, also in the Finnish show rings. Check all here.  

Finsweng Trallalaa, as a brand new Finnish Champion.
Tomu eli Finsweng Trallallaa se teki hattutempun voittamalla kolme sertiä putkeen ja neiti valioitui 9.6.2018 kahden vuoden ja kahden kuukauden ikäisenä. Sertit napsahtivat tassuun näistä näyttelyistä: Imatra KV 31.3.2018, Puumalan RN 26.5.2018 ja Pieksämäen RN 9.6.2018. 
Naatti's sister Tomu made a hat trick by winning three CAC's in a row and she finalized her Finnish Championship the 9th of June. Here the official Koiranet info of her.

Finsweng Ulle Dulle Doff, BOS & CAC winner in Laukaa NDS
Muppe eli Finsweng Ulle Dulle Doff oli neljäs finswengi joka voitti sertin vuonna 2018. Tämä tapahtui Laukaan kaikkien rotujen näyttelyssä 14.7. jolloin silloin juniori-ikäinen Muppe oli hienosti paras uros ja VSP. Ausseja oli Annukka Paloheimon arvosteltavana kuusi kappaletta. 
At Laukaa NDS the 14th of July Finsweng Ulle Dulle Doff aka Muppe was the best male, BOS and thus the 4th Finsweng Aussie this year to win a Finnish CAC.

Tuore sertivoittaja, 15-kuinen Vattu.
Ihanainen pikku Vattu, eli Finsweng Vadelmiina avasi sertitilinsä hienosti elämänsä toisessa näyttelyssä, Mikkelin ryhmänäyttelyssä 25.8.2018. Siellä Karin Bergbom arvosteli 16 aussia (joista 2 pentua) ja tämä juniori-prinsessamme sijoittui hienosti valio- ja veteraaninarttujen jälkeen neljänneksi kauneimmaksi aussinartuksi (PN-4) ja voitti sertin.
Team Finsweng's amazing summer got the icing on the cake in the end of August when the just 15 months old Finsweng Vadelmiina was BB-4 and won CAC among the 16 Aussies under Mrs Karin Bergbom.

As a "bonus CAC winner" I want to tell that also Seija Ristola's (knl Funfanny's) and my Australian import LT Ch LT JCh Horrieglen Supa Strike Force  won two Finnish CAC during 2018. Not a bad result, as he has enterred just four shows in Finland during this year! He has also won a Latvian CAC during this year and 2 CACIB in Lithuania. Here his happy face:
Horrieglen Supa Strike Force. Photo by Saara Suolahti.

maanantai 11. kesäkuuta 2018

New FI CH and BIS results at Pieksämäki Dog Show 9.6.2018

Highlights from May's and beginning of June's shows will come soon, but first news from Saturday's dog show, the Pieksämäki Group Show for groups 3 & 9 (346 entries).

Our brand new Finnish Champion Finsweng Trallalaa aka Tomu
17 Australian terrier were enterred and just one was absent, so judge Anne Klaas (Estonia) had a nice amount of Aussies to judge. Two breeders classes were shown and both got honour prices.
Here the nice results of Team Finsweng from the breed ring:

BOS: Ch Finsweng Tadaa "Naatti"
BB-2, CAC => FI Ch Finsweng Trallalaa
BM-2, CAC: Finsweng Viiksivallu "Vallu"
BOB-veteran: CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen "Donna"
BOB-breeder: knl Finsweng
JUN EXC1: Finsweng Underbara Barbara "Sylvi"
JUN EXC2: Finsweng Vadelmiina "Vattu"

In the finals our Team Finsweng did also great! Among all beautiful veterans our 10,5 year old Grand Old Lady  Donna was chosen to BIS-3-veteran!
CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen, BIS-3-veteran. Photo: Katja Piiroinen.
Knl Finsweng: BIS-4-breeder. From left: Vallu, Donna, Naatti and Tomu. Photo: Selma.
After getting 2 years old (the 21.3.2018) Tomu, Finsweng Trallalaa became a grown-up lady and won her three Finnish CAC in a row; 31.3. Imatra IDS, 26.5. Puumala show and now the 10th of June in Pieksämäki she competed among the 12 Australian terrier bitches, and was just beated by her sister Naatti (CH Finsweng Tadaa) and finalized her title with style, as a hat trick. I love this little lady, she is so elegant, inside out!

Another CAC -winning Finsweng Aussie is the just 12-month-old Vallu, Finsweng Viiksivallu , who has now enterred 4 shows here in Finland, and this was his 3rd CAC (also in the 4th show he won junior class with EXC). On top of this he has a super temperament and is the best bed sleeping pet you can imagine. I'm so happy about this young boy.

The prices of Team Finsweng after the breed ring.

The BIS-rosettes were very bling-bling, but in a stylish way.
All results from the show you can find here 

perjantai 13. huhtikuuta 2018

Photos and updates - kuvaa ja päivitystä

Here some more photos from Easter shows and update info. Let's start with the latter: 
I've (finally) updated the Puppy news page and made a new page to the 4th of April born Finsweng W-litter . The pups are now 9 days old, grow nicely and Maisa is one of the best Mums in the world. Two boys are still looking for their forever homes.

And here some new, or not yet published, photos from our very successfull Easter Dog Shows in Imatra in eastern Finland. The quality is not the best, but the atmosphere & feelings were it!

Don't underestimate photographers! Even when the judge has left the ring, the photographers are working... well, we still have some training to do, but this performance took our Team Finsweng to the BIS-3-breeder place (of appr 20 breeders classes) so it's acceptable anyway ;-) 
Show: Imatra IDS 31.3.2018
Finsweng Aussies out of three litters: oldest is 10 year, youngest 10 months.
Finsweng Viiksivallu, 10 months, the Best Male & CC winner of the 30.3.2018 show
Sorry you nice BOB! I haven't a "wholer" photo. Imatra 30.3.2018
Donna (CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen) and my dear friend Oona.
Our dear Granny Donna (soon 10,5 years old) aka CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen was dancing her way to great placements both days of the Easter Dog Shows. On Friday 30.3.2018 she waltzed herself to BOS-veteran and BB-4, and of course she rocked in Finsweng's breeders class. She continued rocking and jiving on Satuday 31.3.2018 by winning both BOB and BOB-veteran (!) and leading our breeders class to BOB and BIS-3! Outside the ring her attitude towards showing shows so well on the photo above: F*ck all of you and give me the meatballs! Our Granny <3

maanantai 2. huhtikuuta 2018

Golden, Happy Easter a la Finsweng

Thank you all for your congratulations! 
Yes, Team Finsweng had a super double Easter Dog show trip to Imatra (FIN). This time we gained so much that I'm as the breeder don't anymore find the words to describe how happy and grateful I am. I have the best team ever and we had so much fun during the two last days of March, 2018.
Friendship, fun and team work - this is what it's all about in Team Finsweng.
The photo above shows so well what our two days at Saimaa Dog Shows were about. The photo was taken the second day (at Saimaa IDS 31.3.2018) and on left hand side Oona with BOB & BOB-veteran CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen (Donna) in her lap and on right hand side Maiju with CAC winner Finsweng Trallalaa (Tomu) in her lap.

Here the results of Team Finsweng (and the ages of the dogs)

Saimaa all breed Dog Show 30.3.2018:
BOS, BM-1, CACFinsweng Viiksivallu  (10 months)
BB-2, CAC => FI CHFinsweng Tadaa  (24 months)
BB-3, res-CAC: Finsweng Underbara Barbara (11 months)
BB-4, BOS-veteran: CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen (10,5 years)
BOB-breeder: knl Finsweng

Saimaa International Dog Show 31.3.2018:
BOB & BOB-veteran: CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen
BB-3, CACFinsweng Trallalaa (24 months)
JUN EXC 1: Finsweng Viiksivallu
JUN EXC 1: Finsweng Underbara Barbara
CH EXC 3 CQ: Finsweng Tadaa
BIS-3 & BOB-breeder: knl Finsweng

Here below a cavalcade of photos of our Aussies. Most are taken the 30th since Maiju brought her camera. Since I hadn't many pics of Vallu and this was his first show ever, I asked Maiju to focus of photographing him, and she did as asked. Thank you Maiju for these photos! All photos which haven't phtographer mentioned are by Maiju.
Vallu, 10 months.
Vallu, judge Tuula Savolainen and the wagging tail.
I love the temperament of this dog! And believe me, this was first time show trainging for Vallu.
Well, sometimes it showed that this was Vallu's first show & show trainging...
... but we managed to move nicely too!

Junior bitch Finsweng Underbara Barbara.
Finsweng Tadaa, our new Finnish Champion.
Best breeders classes were chosen by Dennis Kuzelj, Bulgaria. Out of some twenty groups our group was chosen to BIS-3-breeder. This was our team's icing on the cake. Photo below: Pasada.
Well, at this stage we where so emotional that posing was not the best anymore...
Best cup and "flower" of this Easter.