Vallu, or officially FI CH, EE CH, LT CH, LT JCh RIGAW-18 Finsweng Viiksivallu (click on the link to see his pedigree, show results, health etc), was born the 21st of May, 2017. He is co-owned by me and my friend Riitta. The deal is that he is cared and loved in Riitta's home, but mainly seen with me at shows. Vallu is a boy that I fell in love with at his birth, and the feeling stays.

Vallu as two years old. Photo by Fanny Lasala in Druskininkai, LT

Vallu at the age of 15 monts. Photo: Saara Suolahti

Vallu 10 months at his first show (FIN) Result: BOS and CAC. Photo: Maiju Nykänen

Vallu, 7,5 months old.
Vallu at the age of 7,5 months. Photo: Pasi Romo

Vallu at the age of 5 months.
Another photo of Vallu as 5 months.

Vallu 4,5 months old:
Finsweng Viiksivallu 4,5 months old. Photos: Ida Turunen
Vallu moving at the age of 4,5 months. Photo: Ida Turunen
Vallu is a happy boy and everybody's friend!

Here some photos of Vallu as a puppy, before he moved to Riitta:
Vallu at the age of 5 weeks
Vallu at the age of 6 weeks
I got a birthday kiss from this 6-week-old charmer <3
Vallu training for shows at the age of 10 weeks

Vallu 10 weeks - here I stand.
That face

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