X- / Y-litter

The 4th of December, 2018, a very special Finsweng litter was born. Thanks to a successful double mating this litter of five includes both Finsweng X-litter (2+1) and also Finsweng Y-litter (1+1).
This is my first double-mating and proud dads are:
12-year-old Kip or officially C.I.B Hoksel Ulysses and 9-year-old Bruno, C.I.B Tachetee Bourke
Valma (C.I.B Finsweng Silirimpsis) gave birth to six pups; 4 boys and 2 girls. However that lastborn little boy didn't know how to eat and had to humanly be euthanized. The five siblings were strong and hungry pups, here below they are 12 hours old. One boy and one girl are blue&tan.
SCROLL DOWN FOR PICS OF THE PUPS and information about who is who!

The pups were DNA-tested as 6-weeks-olds to find out who is the dad of each pup. The Finnish Kennel Club has strict rules for the process and just three authorized labs for testing, so the parents will be 100% sure when getting the test results when the pups are appr 9 weeks old. After this they can be registered as normal. - The 6th of February we got the happy news that the double mating had succeeded and three of the puppies are after Bruno (C.I.B Tachetee Bourke) and two after Kip (C.I.B Hoksel Ulysses).
Three year old Valma as a brand new International Champion (C.I.B)
Mother is our lovely Valma, C.I.B Finsweng Silirimpsis 

Kip at the age of 11 years, and not in the best coat, look here for more. Photo: Kaj Fröling
Bruno at the age of 9 years, after winning BOB and BOB-veteran among 22 Aussies.
HERE PHOTOS OF THE PUPPIES AT THE AGE OF 8 TO 9 WEEKS. In photo text the registered official name of the pup and also the name of the father.
Finsweng You Can Count On Me (male). Father: C.I.B Hoksel Ulysses
Finsweng Yes Sir I Can Boogie (bitch) Father: C.I.B Hoksel Ulysses

Finsweng Xpertti (male). Father: C.I.B Tachetee Bourke
Finsweng Xpress (male). Father: Tachetee Bourke
Finsweng Xtra (bitch). Father: Tachetee Bourke

The blue&tan pups as 4-week-old
The red boy with mark as 4-week-old. Photo: Ida Turunen
The red girl as four weeks old.
The blue girl as four weeks old. Sorry about the photo quality.
The blue boy as four weeks old. Photo: Ida Turunen.

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