tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2019

Four Dog Shows, four Best of Breeds

June & July 2019 = 4 shows & 4 BOB!!!

What a summer! (till now, at least) Team Finsweng has not been represented in so many dog shows, but it has been going from success to success. Even if it hasn't been many shows, I haven't been able to keep up in pace updating this blog, and I'm sorry for this. Facebook is well up-to-date and I'll tell about our great month of May later, but now to the amazing row of  our four shows we did during June and July 2019. I'm thrilled!

Four shows, four different dogs, four BOB's. First three shows where won by Finsweng Australian terriers and the forth Best-of-Breed is our Danish Princess, Trixie, who made her debut in Finland with style. In three of the shows we also showed Breeder Group and won 3x BOB and two BIS-placements. All details below. Thank you so much all involved! You make me happy and proud.

8.6.2019 Pieksämäki GDS (9 Aussies)
BIG-3 in the strong terrier group: Finsweng Viiksivallu. Photo: Ida Turunen
Hot day, hot results. Among the nine Australian terriers just Finsweng's got CQ's. So the BM and BB-placements of the show were these:
BOB & Best-in-Group-3: Ch Finsweng Viiksivallu aka "Vallu"
BOS: Ch Finsweng Tadaa aka "Naatti"
BB-2: Ch Finsweng Vadelmiina aka "Vattu"
BB-3 & BOB-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen aka "Donna"
BOB-breeder & Best-in-Show-2-Breeder: Knl Finsweng

15.6.2019 Heinävesi GDS (10 Aussies)
Best of Breed: Ch Finsweng Tadaa aka Naatti, and Ida
Another hot day, and again hot results. My daughter Ida showed Naatti to BOB and Donna to BOB-veteran. In the end of the day Team Finsweng was chosen (from a great amount of groups) to BIS-3-breeder! Here the results of the four finswengs shown this day:
BOB: Ch Finsweng Tadaa aka "Naatti"
BB-2: Ch Finsweng Vadelmiina aka "Vattu"
BB-3 & BOB-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen aka "Donna"
BM-4: Ch Finsweng Täystuho aka "Piko"
BOB-breeder & Best-In-Show-3-Breeder: Knl Finsweng

13.7.2019 Mikkeli NDS (18 Aussies)
Our "Granny", 11,5-year-old Donna won double-BOB! Handled by Ida.
After a four weeks break our team headed to Mikkeli all breed, one day show. Our Queen of the pack, 11,5-year-old Donna (C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen) danced in the ring and won both Best-of-Breed and BOB-veteran! Ida showed her and they are so beautiful to watch. All our results was, again, also beautiful, here:
BOB & BOB-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen aka "Donna"
BB-4: Ch Finsweng Vadelmiina aka "Vattu"
BM-3: Ch Finsweng Viiksivallu aka "Vallu"
CH EXC4: Ch Finsweng Täystuho
BOS-puppy: Finsweng Xpertti
BOB-breeder: Knl Finsweng

21.7.2019 Hyvinkää NDS (12 Aussies)

What a debut in the Finnish show rings!!! Our Danish Princess, 17-months-old Trixie (Kisamba's Bonnie Blue Girl) started her shows with Grand Style by winning BOB and CAC! She has been shown just once before, in Estonia, and was also in that show the best bitch and won Estonian CAC. This lively, happy go lucky girl is our beloved pet, but seems to make also judges to love her. Let's see what the future will bring... In this show Pertti won BOB-puppy, Vallu won the strong Champion class and ended BM-2 (the top winning veteran male was best male) and our Donna was too tired of the +30 C, and was VET EXC2. In this show we just showed these mentioned four dogs, no groups.
Trixie training. Photo taken a good week before the show.

sunnuntai 28. heinäkuuta 2019

Team Finsweng's top moments from April 2019

In April 2019 Team Finsweng was represented at two dog show weekends: in the middle of April at the two national dog shows held in Riga, Latvia, and in the end of the month in Narva, Estonia, where one international dog show and one national dog show took place. Here some photos and results from these four all breed dog shows.

Ch Finsweng Täystuho, BIG-3 at the Riga NDS 21.4.2019
Piko (Ch Finsweng Täystuho) BIG-3 at Riga NDS 21.4.2019
Ch Finsweng Täystuho aka Piko was shown at the both NDS's in the capital of  Latvia and he did well! He won CAC and thus became also Latvian Show Champion (LT CH). On Sunday the 21st of April he was also chosen to the 3rd best terrier, Best-In-Group-3 (BIG-3), in the strong terrier group. Piko is cared, groomed and shown by his owner Taina. Well done both of you!

Finsweng BIS-4-breeder and Donna BIS-1-veteran
The weekend of 27th and 28th of April Team Finsweng was represented at the big Narva shows. On Saturday the 27th an International all breed Dog Show was held in this eastern Estonian city, and on Sunday the 28th a all breed National dog show was taken place. Team Finsweng was represented by three Aussies each day and the results were amazing!

Saturday 27.4.2019, Narva IDS:
BIS-4-breeder: kennel Finsweng
Finsweng Viiksivallu: BOS, CAC & CACIB
Ch Finsweng Tadaa: BB-2, CACIB (her 12th CACIB!)
Our 11-year-old Grand old Lady, C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen was just warming up for Sunday and got EXC and was 2nd best veteran bitch.

Ida was showing Donna, and this beautiful couple danced all the way to the biggest trophy.

Sunday 28.4.2019, Narva NDS:
Best-In-Show-1-veteran: C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen
Finsweng Viiksivallu: BOB, CAC
Kisamba's Bonnie Blue Girl: BOS, CAC

Donna, our dear Granny, was really rocking this Sunday. In the big ring she really danced, and was chosen from the huge veteran group to best in show! 

In the breed ring our almost 2-year-old male Vallu (Finsweng Viiksivallu) was BOB. Our "Danish Princess" Trixie (Kisamba's Bonnie Blue Girl) made her debut in the show rings at the age of 15 months by winning BOS and CAC. Trixie moved to our family from Denmark in the end of February. In the photo below she is wagging her tail, as always. She is such a happy dog!

Narva NDS 28.4.2019, Australian terrier BOB & BOS. Photo by Heini Emilia Reis
Nice trophy and rosette! 

sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2019

Now Finsweng Xpertti has his own page

Our dear 3,5 month old boy Pertti Antero (Finsweng Xpertti) has now also a blog page of his own! Please check here if you are interested to see more pics of him and know more about him.
3,5 months old Finsweng Xpertti enjoying outdoors. Photo: Ida

sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2019

Top Aussie Competition 2018

I'm so happy and proud to present Team Finsweng's great results in the Top Aussie Competition 2018 (by Finnish ATC). Link to all results in all the different categories you find here 
Top #4 Aussie Breeder  2018 in Finland: knl Finsweng. 

Over 80 Australian terriers were entered to the competition, but in fact, much more Aussies were entered to the Finnish dog shows during year 2018, but didn't gain placements so they couldn't enter to the Top Aussie Competition.

In the Top Aussie Breeder Competition 2018 our Team Finsweng did great: Finsweng is TOP #4 Breeder! Our local kennel club ranked us as Number One! In the All-Breed-Competition by the Finnish Kennel Club we were ranked as TOP # 68 Breeder, among the appr. 13.000 breeders in Finland. Here you find all the results.  Thank you each and everyone who have in one or other way been part of these fantastic results! 

In the TOP AUSSIE 2018 Competition finswengs gained following placements:

Naatti : TOP # 13. C.I.B* Finsweng Tadaa (*waits for confirmation)
Vallu : TOP # 21. LT JCh RIGAW-18 Finsweng Viiksivallu
Donna : TOP # 36. C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen
Tomu : TOP # 45 . CH Finsweng Trallalaa
Vattu : TOP # 78 . Finsweng Vadelmiina

In the TOP JUNIOR 2018 Competition Vallu was placed as # 4 (among 23 juniors) and 
in TOP VETERAN 2018 Competition Donna was places as # 7 (among 18 veterans).

perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2019

How can it be so difficult to photograph puppies?

I admire breeders who publish photos of their litters starting when the pups are around 5 weeks old. The pups looks like they are born to pose. But not in our household ...  we might get one or two pics like this:
Blue boy at the age of 5,5 weeks. Finsweng X or Y litter. Photo by Pasi

Blue boy at the age of 5,5 weeks. I love his face! Photo by Pasi

.. but most photos are like this (or even worse...) :
One of the red boys ... age 5,5 weeks and he seems to be hungry all the time, so treats make this...
The red girl in Finsweng X or Y litter didn't want to cooperate.
Training of the blue boy.

Even if they move nicely and stand nicely when moving around in our living room / garden, the most pups don't pose nicely on the table. And even if my family know how to photograph, it seems that photographing puppies is too hard for us :D  We'll continue training! And photographing and laughing! Here more info about this Finsweng X or Y pups

tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Oikein rempseää ja onnekasta Uutta Vuotta 2019!
Ch Finsweng Tadaa in the end of October 2018. Funny girl!
Happy New Year 2019 to all our friends from us at Finsweng AusTer Team