This is Vaula, or officially Finsweng Uuu-La-Laa (pls click on the link and you'll find her pedigree and other official info), a lovely young bitch who was born the 14th of April 2017. She is loved and cared by my friends Virpi and Jarmo, and will be groomed and shown by a third friend of mine, Oona. Thank you all for great cooperation!

Vaula with Virpi at a training show. Vaula is 7,5 months old.

Vaula at the age of 7,5 months.
Vaula with one of her owners, Virpi.

Here Vaula as a 5,5 month old mini-lady:
Vaula as a 5,5 month-old after grooming. Handled by Oona.

Here Vaula as a small puppy:
Vaula as a 5-week-old pup. The attitude shows!

Vaula as an 3 week old (left)

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