May I present Vattu? This lovely little girl is officially called FI CH & LT CH Finsweng Vadelmiina and is co-owned, loved and cared by my friend Mari. Vattu was the only girl born in my V-litter the 21st of May, 2017, but with her great attitude she ruled her brothers. With this attitude she shows herself. Trimmed or not, when you lift her on the table she is wagging her tail and standing & saying "look at me"! 
Love this girl!

Vattu at the age of two years. Photo by Taina Laine.

Finsweng Vadelmiina, 15 months, won at her 2nd show her first CAC! Photo: Mari

Vattu at the age of 15 months.

Vattu at the age of 5 months. Training UNTRIMMED for shows. Photo: Ida T.
Vattu at the age of 4 months. Miss Untrimmed Wet-T-shirt. But look at the attitude!
Vattu as a 7,5 week old baby. Photo by Ida Turunen.
7,5-week-old Vattu is posing. Photo: Ida Turunen

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