Naatti, or officially C.I.B FI CH, BALT CH, LT CH, EE CH, LV CH, RKF CH*, RUS CH*, EE JCh, EE JW-17, RIGAW-18 Finsweng Tadaa  was born the 21st of March 2016 (*waiting for confirmation from Russia). She has two sisters and one brother, and out of these I co-own two with my friends. Sister Tomu FI CH Finsweng Trallalaa is living and cared by Maiju, and brother Piko EE CH* Finsweng Täystuho by Taina. Naatti is our family's Princess with a big P!

Finnish Australian Terrier Club's Speciality 2.9.2017: 17-mont-old Naatti won the Intermediate class, was placed Best Bitch -3 (among 41 bitches!) and won the CC. Photo: Kimmo Aaltonen

Naatti as 10 month old at her second official show; Valga all breed show 5.2.17. Result: BIG-4, BOB, BOB-junior. Photo: Ida Turunen
Valga all breed show 5.2.2017 in Estonia. Naatti BIG-4.
Naatti and Piko made quite a start in the dog show world being BIS- and BOS -puppies (out of 7 puppy entries) at the Finnish Australian Terrier club's Speciality the 27th of August, 2016. Here some photos from that sunny day. All photos, if not mentioned otherwise, are taken by Katja Naukkarinen.
BIS and BOS puppies of Australian terrier club's speciality 27.8.2018 . Naatti was BIS puppy

Naatti 5 months old, a week before the Speciality Show. Photo: Ida Turunen
Naatti 5 months old.

Naatti 10,5 weeks posing. I'm in love... photo: Ida Turunen
Naatti, 10 weeks, loves country side living! photo: Ida Turunen
Naatti, 10 weeks. How can you resist something like this?? photo: Ida Turunen

Naatti as a 3-week-old baby. Photo: Ida Turunen
As a 3-week-old posing is boooooring :-) photo: Ida Turunen