perjantai 13. huhtikuuta 2018

Photos and updates - kuvaa ja päivitystä

Here some more photos from Easter shows and update info. Let's start with the latter: 
I've (finally) updated the Puppy news page and made a new page to the 4th of April born Finsweng W-litter . The pups are now 9 days old, grow nicely and Maisa is one of the best Mums in the world. Two boys are still looking for their forever homes.

And here some new, or not yet published, photos from our very successfull Easter Dog Shows in Imatra in eastern Finland. The quality is not the best, but the atmosphere & feelings were it!

Don't underestimate photographers! Even when the judge has left the ring, the photographers are working... well, we still have some training to do, but this performance took our Team Finsweng to the BIS-3-breeder place (of appr 20 breeders classes) so it's acceptable anyway ;-) 
Show: Imatra IDS 31.3.2018
Finsweng Aussies out of three litters: oldest is 10 year, youngest 10 months.
Finsweng Viiksivallu, 10 months, the Best Male & CC winner of the 30.3.2018 show
Sorry you nice BOB! I haven't a "wholer" photo. Imatra 30.3.2018
Donna (CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen) and my dear friend Oona.
Our dear Granny Donna (soon 10,5 years old) aka CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen was dancing her way to great placements both days of the Easter Dog Shows. On Friday 30.3.2018 she waltzed herself to BOS-veteran and BB-4, and of course she rocked in Finsweng's breeders class. She continued rocking and jiving on Satuday 31.3.2018 by winning both BOB and BOB-veteran (!) and leading our breeders class to BOB and BIS-3! Outside the ring her attitude towards showing shows so well on the photo above: F*ck all of you and give me the meatballs! Our Granny <3

maanantai 2. huhtikuuta 2018

Golden, Happy Easter a la Finsweng

Thank you all for your congratulations! 
Yes, Team Finsweng had a super double Easter Dog show trip to Imatra (FIN). This time we gained so much that I'm as the breeder don't anymore find the words to describe how happy and grateful I am. I have the best team ever and we had so much fun during the two last days of March, 2018.
Friendship, fun and team work - this is what it's all about in Team Finsweng.
The photo above shows so well what our two days at Saimaa Dog Shows were about. The photo was taken the second day (at Saimaa IDS 31.3.2018) and on left hand side Oona with BOB & BOB-veteran CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen (Donna) in her lap and on right hand side Maiju with CAC winner Finsweng Trallalaa (Tomu) in her lap.

Here the results of Team Finsweng (and the ages of the dogs)

Saimaa all breed Dog Show 30.3.2018:
BOS, BM-1, CACFinsweng Viiksivallu  (10 months)
BB-2, CAC => FI CHFinsweng Tadaa  (24 months)
BB-3, res-CAC: Finsweng Underbara Barbara (11 months)
BB-4, BOS-veteran: CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen (10,5 years)
BOB-breeder: knl Finsweng

Saimaa International Dog Show 31.3.2018:
BOB & BOB-veteran: CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen
BB-3, CACFinsweng Trallalaa (24 months)
JUN EXC 1: Finsweng Viiksivallu
JUN EXC 1: Finsweng Underbara Barbara
CH EXC 3 CQ: Finsweng Tadaa
BIS-3 & BOB-breeder: knl Finsweng

Here below a cavalcade of photos of our Aussies. Most are taken the 30th since Maiju brought her camera. Since I hadn't many pics of Vallu and this was his first show ever, I asked Maiju to focus of photographing him, and she did as asked. Thank you Maiju for these photos! All photos which haven't phtographer mentioned are by Maiju.
Vallu, 10 months.
Vallu, judge Tuula Savolainen and the wagging tail.
I love the temperament of this dog! And believe me, this was first time show trainging for Vallu.
Well, sometimes it showed that this was Vallu's first show & show trainging...
... but we managed to move nicely too!

Junior bitch Finsweng Underbara Barbara.
Finsweng Tadaa, our new Finnish Champion.
Best breeders classes were chosen by Dennis Kuzelj, Bulgaria. Out of some twenty groups our group was chosen to BIS-3-breeder. This was our team's icing on the cake. Photo below: Pasada.
Well, at this stage we where so emotional that posing was not the best anymore...
Best cup and "flower" of this Easter.