Thank you Diana and Trevor Fenton (knl Horrieglen, NSW, Australia) for trusting us this handsome boy called Schooner! It was love from first minute. His attitude to life and selfconfidence is amazing.

Schooner's official name is Horrieglen Supa Strike Force. I'm co-owning Schooner with Seija Ristola (knl Funfanny's) and Anne Kuusela.

Schooner as 1,5 years old. Photo: Saara Suolahti

Schooner at the age of 10 months at Druskininkai triple IDS. He won the needed Jun-CAC and became LT JCH

Schooner was born the 4th of November, 2016. His very international and interesting pedigree below and here in the register of Finnish Kennel Club.

 He arrived to Finland the 4th of May, 2017. Photos below.

The pedigree of Schooner.
Schooner has just arrived and is wondering the Finnish airport cargo area with Seija

Schooner 6 months old, has arrived to Finland. Here in Jenni's lap

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  1. do you have a recent photo. Schooner is now almost three and it would be good to see how he has matured and whether he resembles his siblings. Is he still living with Seija