Meet our lovely boy Pertti, also called Antero at home, or officially Finsweng Xpertti (click on the link for his pedigree etc) Read more about him and his siblings, and see puppy pics, on our Finsweng X - and Y-litter page.

All March Finnish Lakeland is still covered with snow. P as 3,5 months. Photo: Ida

Our very eager boy Pertti Antero Axelson at the age of 3,5 months. Photo credit: Ida.

Pertti as a 3,5 months old boy. Photo credit: Selma W.
Pertii as 8,5 weeks old. Photo: Selma W
Pertti 8,5 weeks enjoying his pedicure :) He fell asleep!
Pertti as a 5,5 weeks old baby. He is a natural!

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