lauantai 28. tammikuuta 2017

Roope, a true Australian veteran, and still going strong

Roope as a puppy in Finland. Thank you Diana and Trevor for this super boy!
This photo is taken a good 10 years ago. Then Roope ( Horrieglen Blue Legend ) had lived for some months in his new country. In September 2006 he flu with his sis all the way from Australia to the border of the Taiga forest & Land of Thousand Lakes, to Finland!

Roope as 10-years-old winning BIS-2-veteran in at Kouvola all breed show
At the age of 10 years Roope is still going strong. He is healthy, vital and has also recently checked eyes. During year 2016 he entered 6 dog shows and the results speek for themselves: 1x Best of Breed, 5x BOB-veteran, 2x BIS-2-veteran. Also his kids are doing great and the second daughter gained last needed CACIB's for C.I.B. during 2016. Please check the Finnish Kennel Club's data base of Roope for details. More photos and info of this great boy you find on Roope's own blog page.

tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2017

Walking in the winter wonderland

I'm so excited; I have got back the inspiration (and time (after three years of too much work)) to keep this blog! So today when having a typical, long walk in the winter wonderland I was planning what and how to tell about all happened, and what this year will bring. 
Some sort of a list of 2016 year's achievement will be the next blog post, that's for sure. It's already on paper. I have also a lot to do updating this blog's pages about Finsweng dogs . Even if you can find the "technical data" in the Finnish kennelclub's database I have lots of photos to share. Most have been shared in Facebook, but I'm so excited to get them "collected" here.
Now this old lady below in requiring here late evening food. And that will be since she is the "Lady of the day" because today is her 9th birthday! Donna  my Dancing Queen yesterday, today and many years more!