sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2019

Now Finsweng Xpertti has his own page

Our dear 3,5 month old boy Pertti Antero (Finsweng Xpertti) has now also a blog page of his own! Please check here if you are interested to see more pics of him and know more about him.
3,5 months old Finsweng Xpertti enjoying outdoors. Photo: Ida

sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2019

Top Aussie Competition 2018

I'm so happy and proud to present Team Finsweng's great results in the Top Aussie Competition 2018 (by Finnish ATC). Link to all results in all the different categories you find here 
Top #4 Aussie Breeder  2018 in Finland: knl Finsweng. 

Over 80 Australian terriers were entered to the competition, but in fact, much more Aussies were entered to the Finnish dog shows during year 2018, but didn't gain placements so they couldn't enter to the Top Aussie Competition.

In the Top Aussie Breeder Competition 2018 our Team Finsweng did great: Finsweng is TOP #4 Breeder! Our local kennel club ranked us as Number One! In the All-Breed-Competition by the Finnish Kennel Club we were ranked as TOP # 68 Breeder, among the appr. 13.000 breeders in Finland. Here you find all the results.  Thank you each and everyone who have in one or other way been part of these fantastic results! 

In the TOP AUSSIE 2018 Competition finswengs gained following placements:

Naatti : TOP # 13. C.I.B* Finsweng Tadaa (*waits for confirmation)
Vallu : TOP # 21. LT JCh RIGAW-18 Finsweng Viiksivallu
Donna : TOP # 36. C.I.B Finsweng Dancing Queen
Tomu : TOP # 45 . CH Finsweng Trallalaa
Vattu : TOP # 78 . Finsweng Vadelmiina

In the TOP JUNIOR 2018 Competition Vallu was placed as # 4 (among 23 juniors) and 
in TOP VETERAN 2018 Competition Donna was places as # 7 (among 18 veterans).