C.I.B. & FIN & EE & LT & LV & DK & BALT CH, BALT VCH, BALTJW-07, BALTW-08, BALTW-10, DKW-11, BALTVV-15 Horrieglen Blue Legend
Bred by Diana and Trevor Fenton, Australia. 
Proud owners Seija Ristola and Jenni Wahteristo
Roope was born the 14.7.2006 and died 24.2.2017

Roope as 10-years-old winning BIS-2-veteran (and BOB) in Kouvola all breed show
Happy Seija and Roope posing as BIS-2-veteran. Roope is 10 years old

Roope in September 2011. Photo: Jouni Ristola