perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2019

How can it be so difficult to photograph puppies?

I admire breeders who publish photos of their litters starting when the pups are around 5 weeks old. The pups looks like they are born to pose. But not in our household ...  we might get one or two pics like this:
Blue boy at the age of 5,5 weeks. Finsweng X or Y litter. Photo by Pasi

Blue boy at the age of 5,5 weeks. I love his face! Photo by Pasi

.. but most photos are like this (or even worse...) :
One of the red boys ... age 5,5 weeks and he seems to be hungry all the time, so treats make this...
The red girl in Finsweng X or Y litter didn't want to cooperate.
Training of the blue boy.

Even if they move nicely and stand nicely when moving around in our living room / garden, the most pups don't pose nicely on the table. And even if my family know how to photograph, it seems that photographing puppies is too hard for us :D  We'll continue training! And photographing and laughing! Here more info about this Finsweng X or Y pups

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