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New FI CH and BIS results at Pieksämäki Dog Show 9.6.2018

Highlights from May's and beginning of June's shows will come soon, but first news from Saturday's dog show, the Pieksämäki Group Show for groups 3 & 9 (346 entries).

Our brand new Finnish Champion Finsweng Trallalaa aka Tomu
17 Australian terrier were enterred and just one was absent, so judge Anne Klaas (Estonia) had a nice amount of Aussies to judge. Two breeders classes were shown and both got honour prices.
Here the nice results of Team Finsweng from the breed ring:

BOS: Ch Finsweng Tadaa "Naatti"
BB-2, CAC => FI Ch Finsweng Trallalaa
BM-2, CAC: Finsweng Viiksivallu "Vallu"
BOB-veteran: CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen "Donna"
BOB-breeder: knl Finsweng
JUN EXC1: Finsweng Underbara Barbara "Sylvi"
JUN EXC2: Finsweng Vadelmiina "Vattu"

In the finals our Team Finsweng did also great! Among all beautiful veterans our 10,5 year old Grand Old Lady  Donna was chosen to BIS-3-veteran!
CIB Finsweng Dancing Queen, BIS-3-veteran. Photo: Katja Piiroinen.
Knl Finsweng: BIS-4-breeder. From left: Vallu, Donna, Naatti and Tomu. Photo: Selma.
After getting 2 years old (the 21.3.2018) Tomu, Finsweng Trallalaa became a grown-up lady and won her three Finnish CAC in a row; 31.3. Imatra IDS, 26.5. Puumala show and now the 10th of June in Pieksämäki she competed among the 12 Australian terrier bitches, and was just beated by her sister Naatti (CH Finsweng Tadaa) and finalized her title with style, as a hat trick. I love this little lady, she is so elegant, inside out!

Another CAC -winning Finsweng Aussie is the just 12-month-old Vallu, Finsweng Viiksivallu , who has now enterred 4 shows here in Finland, and this was his 3rd CAC (also in the 4th show he won junior class with EXC). On top of this he has a super temperament and is the best bed sleeping pet you can imagine. I'm so happy about this young boy.

The prices of Team Finsweng after the breed ring.

The BIS-rosettes were very bling-bling, but in a stylish way.
All results from the show you can find here 

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