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Super Baltic Show Weekend for Finsweng

I'm so super happy, grateful and proud of my Finsweng team and the results we got last weekend! Three International dog shows in two countries, 3x CACIB, 5x CAC and 2 R-CACIB. In Narva we faced some difficulties getting "proper show pics" but despite poor light condition and lack of "hands" on the ringside, s'il vous plaît, her is our story and photos from Finsweng's Super Baltic Show Weekend.

During the weekend the 17.-18. March, 2018, in "this corner of the world" three big Intenational Dog Shows were held. One in Narva, Estonia, and two in Riga, Latvia. Part of the Finsweng team headed to Narva, meanwhile my destination with a couple of aussies was the double-IDS in Riga.
Narva IDS 17.3.2018 BOS, CACIB, CAC Finsweng Täystuho exellently handled by Oona
Thank you Oona for handling Piko (Finsweng Täystuho) so well!
Piko (Finsweng Täystuho, left) and Vaula (Finsweng Uuu-La-Laa)
The only photo of Narva IDS's BOB-junior Finsweng Uuu-La-Laa aka Vaula is the one above. It's taken on the boat between Helsinki and Tallinn. 
Narva IDS 17.3.2018, Estonia, our Finsweng team's results: 
BOS, CACIB, CAC: Finsweng Täystuho
BOB-junior, jun-CAC: Finsweng Uuu-La-Laa 
Thank you Taina and Oona! Kiitos Taina ja Oona kun ns hoiditte homman kotiin!

Meanwhile in Riga, Latvia, I was competing with two Aussies: Finsweng Tadaa aka Naatti and Horrieglen Supa Strike Force (Austr.Imp) aka Schooner, and with great results! As her litter brother Naatti is just 23 months old. Schooner is 16 months old. The CACIB Naatti won on Sunday was her 5th. She has now one from Lithuania, two from Russia and two from Latvia. The 21.3. she turned 2 years old, and next CAC she wins will make her Champion of 5 countries! Not bad for a little girl.
Riga IDS 17.3.2018, Latvia, our Finsweng team's results:
BOS, CACIB, CAC: Finsweng Tadaa
BM-2, R-CACIB: Horrieglen Supa Strike Force
Riga IDS 17.3.2018 BOS, CACIB, CAC Finsweng Tadaa and me after the ring.
Riga IDS 18.3.2018, Latvia, our Finsweng team's results:
BOB, CACIB, CAC: Finsweng Tadaa
BM-2, R-CACIB, CAC: Horrieglen Supa Strike Force
Riga IDS 18.3.2018. BOB Finsweng Tadaa. BOS Reimin Black Flag. Photo: Saara Suolahti
Horrieglen Supa Strike Force, 16 monts old. Photo: Saara Suolahti
Naatti loves shows, and it shows! We have so much fun together!
Ch Funfanny's I Have A Dream was also seen in Riga IDS. Photo credit: Saara Suolahti

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